Financial Advisory Services

Boston’s Financial advisory team provides a broad range of advisory services to clients on complex strategic decisions and transactions, mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

Balance Sheet Restructuring and Recapitalization

Boston provides:

  • Balance Sheet Restructuring Advisory Services to corporate and public institutions. We can assist organizations in achieving the optimal capital structure required for their businesses/companies to thrive and operate optimally from a cashflow and profitability standpoint;
  • Assists companies in the recapitalization process by providing financial advice on how to restructure their debt and equity mixture with the aim of making the company’s’ capital structure more stable and optimal;
  • Evaluate all the issues negatively impacting performance, identify the relevant risks, assess the strategic alternatives, develop and execute comprehensive plans to address these challenges and come up with viable solutions.

Business Valuation

The Boston Team provides the following services:

  • Valuation analysis;
  • Identify potential buyers;
  • Conduct due diligence;
  • Advise and execute acquisition financing arrangement;
  • Advise on sale and purchase agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Boston has proven to be highly efficient in providing financial advisory services to corporate institutions that are involved  in mergers and acquisitions.

We pride ourselves in landmark MERGERS  AND ACQUISITIONS ADVISORY

Our merger and acquisition team is able to:

  • Perform a thorough analysis of the target’s business, competitive position and future prospects;
  • Determine the value of the target to its current owner as well as to our client, based on our client’s strategy for managing the business and any synergistic benefits that might be realized; and
  • Develop a pricing strategy and assist in structuring and negotiating terms and conditions.

Our objective is to structure value-creating deals for our clients.